Swiss Folk Music V : Wintertime in Switzerland

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  • 1973-01-01
  • Durée: 00:25:49
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In Switzerland, each season of the year has its own picturesque traditions and customs. Although many of these old beautiful practises are slowly fading into the past. Others have still survived and are still part of the daily life of Swiss people. Musical content 1. Schoolchildren from Langnau am Albis: Es schneielet (traditional children's song) 2. The Lüönd Country Band, Brunnen: Ski-Jodel (H. Roelli) Kaspar Gander, yodel 3. Maibaum Ensemble, Zurich: Es stoht ein Lind im Himmelrych (Trad., arr. A. Stern) 4. Corale di Minusio: Noi siamo i tre re (Trad.) 5. Sebastiani Singers at Rheinfelden: Sebastiani Singen (Trad.) 6. School Choir of Scuol in the Engadine Valley: L' Hom Strom es ün bel hom (Trad.) 7. Chapella Alpina, Chur: Schlitteda a San Murezzan (N. Barblan) 8. Silvesterkläuse at Urnäsch, Canton Appenzell 9. Alder Band, Appenzell: [...]

0: [...] Min Vatter isch en Appezöller (Trad.) Production information Musica Helvetica MH 15. Swiss Folk Music. Wintertime in Switzerland. Produced 1973 for SBC / SRI by Lance Tschannen.
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