"Jazz en una Noche Santa". Un diálogo musical entre un pianista de jazz y un organista de iglesia de George Gruntz.

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  • 1980-01-01
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Jazz on a Holy Night, a musical dialogue between a jazz pianist and a church organist, was specially written for this edition by Swiss pianist, composer and arranger George Gruntz. The work is performed by the composer himself on piano, electric piano and synthesizer, and another outstanding Swiss musician, Hannes Meyer, at the organ. The setting for this special Christmas programme is one of Switzerland's most stately castles, the 11th century castle of Tarasp. Musical content 1. George Gruntz: Christ is born - Salvation is yet to be achieved (1st movement) 2. George Gruntz: Jesus smiles (2nd movement) 3. George Gruntz: They nailed Him to the Cross (3rd movement) 4. George Gruntz: Blues for the Christchild (4th movement) 5. George Gruntz: Musical bridge I 6. George Gruntz: Musical bridge II George Gruntz, keyboards; Hannes Meyer, organ Production information [...]

0: [...] Musica Helvetica. Christmas In Switzerland MH-C80. Jazz on a Holy Night by George Gruntz. Produced 1980 for SBC / SRI by Lance Tschannen.
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