Panorama del Jazz Suizo VI : "Temas Suizos en jazz"

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  • 1973-01-01
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From the rather limited musical and melodic scope of popular standards, jazz in its evolution has also progressed towards more ambitious and more individual compositions of its own. Quite frequently native sources of folk music are used as an inspiration by jazz composers. This programme offers three interesting attempts at creating musical images of Switzerland through the idiom of jazz. Musical content 1. Traditional band: Niene geits so schön und lustig (Traditional Folksong) 2. Heinz Bigler Quartet: Niene geits so schön und lustig (Traditional Folksong, arr. H. Bigler) Soundtrack from the "Emmental Film" by Bernhard Luginbühl 3. Jazz Group of Radio Geneva (feat. Benny Bailey, trumpet): Swiss Blue (John Lewis) 4. George Gruntz Ensemble: Retraite céleste (G. Gruntz) Production information Musica Helvetica MH 50. The Swiss Jazz Scene. Swiss Themes in Jazz. [...]

0: [...] Produced 1973 for SBC / SRI by Lance Tschannen.
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