Contemporary Swiss Music VII : Vladimir Vogel; Armin Schibler

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  • 1978-01-01
  • Durée: 00:26:10
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A portrait on Swiss composers Vladimir Vogel and Armin Schibler. Vladimir Vogel was born the son of a German businessman in Moscow in 1896. He was interned in Russia during 1914-18 in World War I. Afterwards he left for Germany to study music in Berlin under Feruccio Busoni. He settled in Switzerland in the mid 30ties, and received Swiss citizenship in 1954. He is renowned in particular for his orchestral, choral and chamber works, and for his pioneering efforts in integrating the spoken word with music. Armin Schibler, born in 1920, is a prolific composer of instrumental and vocal works, chamber music, ballet, opera and orchestral compositions. He has a decided in interest in jazz and the rhythmic aspects of music in general, and is also a leading music educator of the progressive school. Musical content 1. Vladimir Vogel: Meloforms for String Orchestra [...]

0: [...] Radio Berne Chamber Ensemble; Theo Hug, conductor 2. Armin Schibler: First and Third Piece. From "Iam manet ultima spes" op. 92 (Six Pieces for String Orchestra) Collegium Musicum Zurich; Paul Sacher, conductor 3. Armin Schibler: Negro Spiritual (3rd movement, excerpt). From Concerto for Percussion, Piano and String Orchestra, op. 76 Karl-Heinz Benzinger, percussion; Margrit Weber, piano; Camerata Zurich; Räto Tschupp, conductor
1: Production information Musica Helvetica MH 39. Contemporary Swiss Music. Vladimir Vogel and Armin Schibler. Produced 1978 for SBC / SRI by Lance Tschannen (this recording is not available).
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