Concurso internacional de ejecución musical, Ginebra 1984. Ganador del primer premio: Grzegorz Nowak (Polonia), director

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  • 1984-01-01
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In 1994, the organizing committee of CIEM decided to forego all instrumental and vocal competitions in favour of organizing its 2nd conducting competition. This in honour of the founder of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Ernest Ansermet. For the first time preliminary examinations took place in New York, Tokyo, and Geneva. The CIEM jury awarded the first prize to young Polish conductor Grzegorz Nowak. Musical content 1. Grzegorz Nowak, conducting (Poland). Frank Martin: Athalie (Overture) Symphony Orchestra of Bienne Production information Musica Helvetica. Special Events-Special Editions MH-SE 8. 1984 International Competitions for Musical Performers, Geneva. Produced 1984 for SBC / SRI by Colin Farmer.
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