Música Folklórica Suiza VII : Verano en Suiza

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  • 1974-01-01
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A musical panorama of some of the folk customs and traditions observed in Switzerland during the summer season. The events include the ceremonial ascent of cattle to Alpine summer pastures, rustic festivals and sporting spectacles. Accompanied by such typical Swiss sounds as the alphorn, yodeling and catchy country music. Musical content 1. Alphorn-Trio Landsrath: Kuhreihen von der Frutt Canton Obwalden 2. Alpaufzug - Ascent to the Alpine Pastures 3. Louis-Marc Suter et ses Compagnons: La Poya (Traditional folk song from the Gruyère region) Canton Fribourg 4. Hackbrett-Duo Walpen Brothers, Grengiols: Alter Polka - Old-time Polka (Trad.) Canton Valais 5. Jodlerklub Schüpfheim: Wie baas isch mer da obe - How I Love It Up Here In The Mountains (Oskar Schmalz / Rudolf Krenger) Canton Berne 6. Kapelle Remy Näpflin, Beckenried: Bödeler - Clog Dance (Trad.) [...]

0: [...] Central Switzerland 7. Jakob Ummel (yodel) & Chrigel Ramseyer (Swiss accordion): Der Schafhirt - The Sheperd (J. Ummel) 8. High School Choir of Konolfingen: Ich bin ein Schweizerknabe - I Am A Young Swiss (J. Greith / J.M. Baumgartner)
1: Canton Berne 9. Gilbert Schwab and Gilbert Hofstetter (accordions): Sur les rives du Doubs - On the Banks of the River Doubs (A. Nicolet) Production information Musica Helvetica MH 23. Folk Music. Summertime in Switzerland. Produced 1974 for SBC / SRI by Lance Tschannen and Nicolas Lombard.
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