En la Kornhauskeller de Berna

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  • 1981-01-01
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The Kornhauskeller of Berne dates back to 1716, when it was built by the Bernese authorities for the storage of choice wines from other regions of Switzerland and of grain imported from abroad. The building was transformed into a festivities centre in 1896. The premises house a huge 36'000-litre capacity barrel and a 40'000-bottle wine cellar, and can seat up to a thousand people at a time. More than just a place where one eats and drinks, the Kornhauskeller has become an integral part of life in the city of Berne. Musical content 1. Zeno Durrer: Alphorn Solo (Improvisation) 2. Boys' Choir of Kerns: From Lucerne to Weggis (Rigilied) (Trad., arr. J. Marty) 3. Jakob Ummel and Vreni Kneuhbühl Yodel Duo: Es herbstelet - Autumn's Drawing Near (J. Ummel) 4. Emmental Folk Musicians: Folk Dance Medley (M. Weilenmann) 5. Romantsch Male Choir of Bern: [...]

0: [...] Il leger viandant - The Merry Wanderer (L. Bergamin / A. Augustin) 6. Quintetto del Gaggio: Bella Valmaggina - The Girl from the Maggia Valley (V. Castelnuovo) 7. La Chanson de Prilly Choir: Allons tous en vendanges - Let's All Go to the Wine Harvest
1: (Trad., arr. R. Guibat) 8. La Perce-Oreille Country Band: Mi-été - Midsummer (Trad., arr. R. Thoeny) Production information Musica Helvetica. Swiss Folk Music - Live! SFL-1. At the Kornhauskeller of Bern. Produced 1981 for SBC / SRI by Lance Tschannen.
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