At the Schinzenhof of Horgen

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  • 1982-01-01
  • Durée: 00:23:48
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This edition features recordings made during a birthday party held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Swiss Calendar of Folk Music. This publication is one of the most important sources of information for Swiss folk musicians and folk music fans alike. The party was organised at the Schinzenhof, a popular rendezvous in the little town of Horgen on Lake Zurich. It attracted some of Switzerland's top folk music talents. Musical content 1. Carlo Brunner and his Band: Fyrabig im Wasserfall - When Day Is Done, Ländler (C. Brunner) 2. Baumgartner Accordion Duo: Diablerets-Schottisch (K. Baumgartner) 3. Saum Singers: Jetz wei mer es Tschüppeli lustig sy - Let's Have Fun (Yodel song) (F. Kaufmann) 4. Alpsteinblick String Band: Chromatic A-D, Dance (Trad.) 5. Mouth Organ Players of Lake Zurich: Im Hirsche z'Richeburg - At the Stag Tavern of Reichenburg, Ländler (F. [...]

0: [...] Habegger) 6. Orchestre champêtre La Rebögne: Pour rester jeune - Stay Young, Schottisch (O. Held) 7. Friends of the Schwyzerörgeli, Biel: Mys Örgeli - My Little Accordion, Schottisch (H. Straub)
1: Production information Musica Helvetica. Swiss Folk Music Live - Live! SFL-6. At the Schinzenhof of Horgen. Produced 1982 for SBC / SRI by Lance Tschannen.
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